Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 3 lvl11 walls today (11mil total resources)

Started another gold mine today. Just keep pushing up my passive income.

People have asked me why do it focus on collectors despite being relatively active in the game. My answer is always the same, free loot is free loot. No matter how much I farm, I would make more if I had maxed collectors.

As you all know from my defense log, building defenses is the least of my worries, so might as well add more loot into my storages rather than futilely trying to reduce losses. Because collectors depend on myself, while losses in defense depend on the attacker more than myself




  1. I always have a hard time doing collectors myself. The gain is so minimal I view it much like you do the defensive upgrades: a waste of time. Not disagreeing with your strat in any way. But for me, I prioritize defense a bit more. While I am not about to worry about 4million gold and 10 days of builder time to do AD from 6 to 7, I will at least get it from 3 to 4 or 4 to 5. I like that mid range stuff more than the last couple levels of collectors. Luckily on my main I got mine all to level 11 back when I was maxing. My other account is still at 10.

    I think with my more casual rate that I may have time for more stuff at TH9. I think I will be more content staying here and catching up. Then again, we’ll see what I think when I’ve been at TH9 for longer than a week!

    Hope all my comments aren’t annoying. I love talking about the game and its nice to have someone knowledgeable to talk with. Reddit and the forums are full of morons.


    • Don’t worry, I like replying to my comment box as well.

      I like doing collectors because they are cheap and easy to time. Furthermore, they give a better boost than defenses can ever give me. Yes, the last level seems much less productive than lvl7-11, but a boost is a boost. At TH10, from lvl11 to lvl12 is about 0.5*7*24 = 84k extra gold per day. I feel that gives more impact that upgrading defenses because no amount of defenses is going to guarantee you extra loot. I don’t upgrade things that helps sometimes

      Upgrading defenses is fine, but to max TH11, you have to both max collectors and defenses. Collectors give the most impact the sooner you upgrade them, so I choose to upgrade them sooner rather than later.


      • I was thinking about this more, and I think strategically that I totally agree and concede my point. I remembered what we have talked about in the past that a weaker base usually helps retain loot because it gets attacked by worse players.

        In my mind, I was thinking that having slightly better defenses would help retain loot a bit more. And there is some merit to that I think, but then I remembered that point above. With the setup of CoC, there is really no amount of defenses that can protect a lot of loot. There will always be someone a TH or two above that can come wreck any defense I put up.

        I think for me, a lot of it is some OCD like behaviors. For some reason, I feel like I always need to complete the buildings / researches that take the least time. It makes me feel like I am accomplishing more! So if I can upgrade 2 lower level defenses in the same time it takes to do a high level collector, it makes me feel more accomplished doing the defenses. This might be a mental hurdle I need to get over!


      • Yeah, its always the mental hurdle that is the toughest. Just like how people can’t rush despite knowing how much better it is. I used to be unable to justify upgrading collectors early too, but after doing the math and forcing myself, I could ignore all the defensive upgrades and focus on collectors early while doing heroes


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