Upgraded 2 lvl11 walls today (6mil total resources)

Walls are so slow because this army is quite slow and I cannot quite do many raids now during my semester. However, it is better for my schedule so I’ll stick to it, for now.

Also upgraded my first barracks to lvl12 so that I can unlock miners. They’re useless now, but its better to finish all the barracks upgrade so that I can use them if they are to be buffed in the future update. I also have capped DE already so I can do my lab and hero at the same time in 2 days.

FWA really helps in loot for those who cannot farm too much, with people having trouble getting in, I think I might write a FWA guide



  1. I think an FWA guide would be great. While I did manage to get in (as a TH8 even) it was only luck and because I started just spam applying to a bunch of clans. I got lucky and found one that happened to have a connection to my geographical area and used the message in my application to show the connection.

    I have found the general process and communication to be poor. Their band process is confusing and overly complicated.

    I think any additional information you can give people would be helpful.


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