Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 4 lvl11 walls today (14mil total resources)

Decent amount of farming yesterday so got as many walls as I did during the holidays. I actually don’t play the game 24/7, its more like 3-5 hrs while doing other stuff. People always assume I farm a ton, but its just efficient farming, not harder farming. When comparing against peers, I always only make as many raids as others, just that my raids are far more productive. In forum posts, many people raid 200-300 times per month and my average is also around 300.

Started the upgrade on another elixir collector and I’ll finish them in 20 days (gold mines in 22 days). After that, I can freely upgrade defenses because there isn’t much left to do with my builders anymore


Some fool got attacked and revenged me:


We lost approximately the same amount of loot, but what makes me laugh is that he maxed TH9, making him at least a 1.5-2 year old player, getting clobbered by someone who played less than 9 months.

He used his 30/30 royals extensively and barely beat me, while I used laloon and had more than 10 loons leftover with no dependence on BK. This is a reason why I rush, because I like to catch up on players who played for much longer and surpass their progress.


  1. That’s interesting about number of attacks. I had always wondered how much time you sent playing. I am at 110 attacks on main no gems account and 170 on the gems allowed account. (Mstly just town hall packs and ingot 5 bulcers right away)

    I am always amazed at how little people attack. I usually check the numbers for resources looted on achievements. Amaze’s me how many the and higher don’t have 3 stars for 100m gold and elixir.


    • I can understand it, don’t worry. Forumers average around 270 attacks per month or so. I did 430 on both my accounts because of my holidays, will drop back to 300 or so when my semester settles in.


      • I assume I will start getting higher in attacks as I require more loot. One of the main reasons I decided to rush is that staying at those lower levels meant I was overflowing and wasting elixir. Now that I have a constant need for DE for the queen, and a place to dump excess gold and elixir (walls) I can raid much more freely like you do. I usually don’t raid until I need stuff mostly so I am not a fat target on defense. While I have no problem losing gold and elixir on defense, I hate losing DE as that is still a bit harder to get back. Then again, once I get a few lab upgrades done and can go after better targets on offense, getting DE back won’t be so hard.

        Though I have been having decent success using standard barch with 1 jump spell. I pick bases that have somewhat exposed DE storages, clear out that area, then jump everyone in there. Similar concept to goblin knife, I just cant hit juicy targets yet. 1k-1.5k are my usual targets. I can do that for a couple hours to level up AQ. I still don’t have my queen down the instant she comes back up, but the gap is getting smaller.


      • Ah, for me its different. I farm to reach full storages and try to farm whenever I have 15min free (waiting for food etc) so that I have as close to 8-10mil as possible whenever I have a builder coming free.

        What is your league? I found G1-C3 very good for a TH9, with lots of 1.9-2.7k dead bases


  2. I have been in Gold 1 and 2 mostly lately. I had my main go up to crystal so I could finally get the gems and get 5th builder, but I didn’t stay too long as I found less dead bases up there.

    And I probably should also have more loot around, I just can’t get over that loss aversion! But as mentioned, I mostly worry about losing DE, but that will soon be a thing of the past as I am better able to get DE from attacking. But I am not quite 9 days in on my backup account as I started archer upgrade first (I know not what your guide says!) and it has 1d5h left on completion. My main is a few days behind that pace. So its only been a week or week and a half. Patience is the name of the game for me!


  3. I have been using crows since th8. I do like it. I put up both xbows to help defend as well. So i don’t lose a ton as is. It’s just me making up excuses so I can be lazy!


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