Upgraded 3 lvl10 walls and 2 lvl11 walls today (12mil total resources)

Just half day of barching and I already have more than enough DE to upgrade AQ and she’s still 2 days away. This is how I upgraded 2 heroes simultaneously previously, with an insane 40-50k DE income per day, keeping both heroes down was very easy.

Now I just do casual laloonion and I’m still able to do walls. All the hard work previously paid off because now I can relax and still progress comfortably. Upgrades come in cheap and I can easily do heroes and walls.

Upgraded another elixir collector, this is my 5th one and I’ll finally be done with them in 15 days (gold mines will take 17 days)


Despite how ugly my base looks, my defenses are still solid:


Nowhere am I getting wrecked in defense, because noobs still hit me. Unfortunately this fact cannot be taught to ignorant maxers because they don’t visit this site in the first place.

I do lose defenses to air troops whenever someone brings them against me, but they’re only 20% of my defenses and not significant enough to cause harm.



  1. Took a week off. Did you miss me?!?!?!?

    I was burnt out last week and let everything sit. Had a couple builders in super long times that sere just finishing up but otherwise lost a few days.

    Starting back slowly and casually for now


    • Haha, it is a really problem for coc players. I’ve seen so many maxers and rushers alike, burnt out after all that grinding.

      For me a rusher, burn out is usually due to too much play. For a maxer, it is usually due to their artificial stop points. If you noticed, once you achieve a goal in a game or real life, you’ll actually stop for quite a while.

      I get that a lot in real life, so in this game I rush and always keep myself on my toes. Its been working, because I’ve played consistently for the past 2.5 years


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