Upgraded 2 lvl10 and 2 lvl11 walls today (10mil total resources)

Also nothing much here, used barch a bit with the pekka event today to get the free 30 gems. Forgotten to take a picture of my attack log though, so I apologise for that. My 1st barracks is now finally maxed, I’m upgrading the second one and it will be another 30 days before I can get back to full production speed.

I need another 546mil resources to max walls. This means that if I farm 6mil per day (3mil gold + 3mil elixir), it will just take me 3 months to max walls. On the other hand, it will take me another 4.5 months to max both heroes. I’ll contemplate moving up to TH11 soon after I max my walls (right after I finish my finals for first sem)


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