Upgraded 3 lvl10 walls and 1 lvl11 wall today (9mil total resources)

Farming really taking a hit due to my heavy schedule, but at least I get lots of satisfaction in my studies. DE profit is quite abysmal, but I’ll have a little more time tomorrow to gain the DE.

Upgraded another cannon to lvl7, not sure if its going to many any impact at all on my defenses. I expect that I’ll be hit for much more afterwards when I finally have better defenses because I will intimidate newbie attackers.



  1. Sin, what’s your major? how busy is your schedule? I’m just curious of course. I also want to say that I’ve been progressing just great! I don’t farm as much as you do, but I farm a lot. I recently gave up on “engineering” my base, because it doesn’t seem to help anymore. I’d much rather just build all the stuff I need to, just as you have in your guides. Thanks.


    • Currently a medical student. Around 7am-noon in wards every weekday, additional 2-3 hrs 3 days of the week for bedside tutorials and Friday is a marathon of discussions and tutorials from 9am-5pm


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