Upgraded 3 lvl10 walls and 1 lvl11 wall today (9mil total resources)

Also not too productive farming these few days. Hope to have more time tomorrow so that I can barch the necessary DE required for AQ.

Upgraded my 2nd last elixir collector today, can’t wait till I have more free builders to do these easy defenses. I expect, with 3 builders afterwards, that I can easily max TH8 defenses within 1.5 months.

I probably won’t do that though because I will focus more on high yield upgrades (Tesla, WT, AD) up till TH10 level before I get the rest up to par.

Haste is also being upgraded in lab today, after a 4 day poison spell. Now that my DE lab upgrades and AQ do not coincide around the same time, I think I can better manage the resources for both.

Next lab upgrade I will do is minion (30k) and I’ll start it in 8 days, while AQ38 will cost 177k in 4 days then AQ39 will cost 181k in 11 days.

That means that I will need (30k+177k+181k)/11 = 388/11 = 35k DE per day. Actually most of the cost is due to AQ, so I will need to farm a little harder these few weeks then I’ll have a lvl40 AQ ready to use in every raid I partake.


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