Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 3 lvl11 walls today (11mil total resources)

Did another cannon upgrade, just so that I get a free builder in 2 days. I’m quite free today, so I have more time to raid and hopefully I can get much more resources tomorrow to dump loot.

AQ waking up in 3 days, hope that I can cap my DE storage before she wakes so that I’ll have an easier time with the next lab and hero upgrades.




Raided a nearly maxed TH10 for 7050 DE (capped) and felt quite good for it. The TH10 was probably a maxer and has played for 2-3 years now. Of course he revenged:


So it took a 9 month old account 24 royals and a spam attack to get 400/400/7k while it took a 2-3 year old account 36/40 royals and giarch (still full spells) to get 170/204/3.5k. Quite fair isn’t it?

Rushing allows you to hit far higher against bases who are far more developed than you time-wise so that you can catch up to end game content much faster.


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