Major mistake today 😦 Was too excited to upgrade AQ and forgotten to upgrade walls before upgrading her

Oh well, this just means that I’m a good target for a longer amount of time. And I’m busy today so can’t farm much unfortunately

Upgraded AQ and she’s now going to lvl38 so just 2 levels left! I’m quite excited and after that I can farm much more effectively. Next lab upgrade is Minions lvl4 (30k) in 4 days and next hero upgrade will be 181k in 7 days. This means that I will need to farm approximately 30k DE per day. This will only last until AQ is maxed then I will probably not know what to do with my DE after that.



  1. Yup that is why i stopped upgrading both heroes after 20 although i had enough to upgrade both 24/7 most of the time, since after maxinf queen i would likely over flow on de for long and would feel i went too fast for no reason.

    What do you plan for lab on the next 4 months?
    Im on the same boat like you (moamr96 on ur friendlist)
    Im currently working on freeze (gonna finish mid march with AQ).
    And gonna ug to 11 on mid/late june (after finishing finals so i can have 3 months to max warden)
    Im thinking i should finish as elixir lab as possible before 11, since warden will take most of it, i’ll have like 90 days after finishing freeze, what i plan to have is BD 2to4, WB 5to6, zap 5to6 and jump 2to3
    Those are all i have in mind, pekkas and drag i don’t think i will ever use them (maybe do them 2 levels bellow max for donations)
    What do you have on mind?


    • I’ll just keep working on BK and DE lab upgrades I guess. Probably bowlers, minions then baby drag, poison, rage, freeze.

      The only troops you desperately need as a new TH11 while upgrading warden is loons lvl7, the rest can be whatever and you’ll still be fine


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