Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 4 lvl11 walls (14mil total resources)

Yeah, did more walls today due to the mistake I did yesterday. At least was able to upgrade quite a few walls and I really don’t need to do walls so fast anymore

Just put my last elixir collector to upgrade, it’ll be nice to finally have maxed passive income. After that, its a simple jog to get maxed defenses, should be quite easy for me



  1. Hey Sin, on my TH10 (nemesis in your friends list for MiniSin), I’ve gotten just 5 more gold collectors, 2 more elixir collectors, and 1 more drill before I have the max passive income. I love how my low level defenses, despite my high level walls, have drawn in weaker attackers and I don’t lose much loot at all! Would you mind taking a glance at my village and giving me a few thoughts on my progress?


    • Ok, I’ll have a look. Yes, many people in the forums and reddit do not understand because they don’t create rushed accounts. Weak defenses = weak attackers = less loot loss. Upgrading defenses paradoxically makes you lose more loot

      Good base, defenses as bad as mine. Just max your queen and life will be easy from there


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