Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 4 lvl11 walls (14mil total resources)

I have no idea how I farmed that amount of resources since yesterday was quite a busy day. I probably did a few raids during lunch and dinner and had 1-2 hours free after ward work yesterday.

Started an upgrade on an Air defense so that all defenses will be lvl3 after 3 days. At least that’s something, I’ll have TH6 level ADs after this. After my collectors are done, I think I’ll put 1 builder permanently on AD , 2nd one on WT while another will be permanently on teslas. Within 1-2 months, I’ll be able to enjoy maxed AD, teslas and WT giving my base a significant boost regardless of everything else in the base.


And despite weak/upgrading defenses, I’m still able to retain loot really well:


I only lose loot to air attacks, so that’s why I plan to upgrade only tesla, AD, WT which are the bane of such attacks.


  1. hi sin, i rushed to th11 and now my warden is going to level 16, king is 30 and queen finishing 40. My defenses are about th9, which defenses do u think I should go for first? My EA is already 2, infernos 3, i’m upgrading my xbow to match my others level 4. Should i focus on WT or AD and cannons? ty!


  2. Im on the same boat as you but personally i would get defenses th9 at most (teslas ADs are max th8 for me) so i would have most defenses at th9 max when i go 11 in summer break (ITs maxed and bows 3)
    The thing is, canons give the highest ROI after bows below 3 (higher dps/lower cost)


    • True, I personally like teslas because it does not cause intimidation and can surprise the unsuspecting.

      Cannons really are the best defense until lvl13, but I don’t get hit by ground very much. Most ground attacks fail to funnel and end easily even with lvl8 cannons, its the air attacks that get me. This is why I’ll focus on AD and teslas.

      I’ll go to TH11 regardless of defensive progress, but I’ll strive towards maxed TH10 teslas/ad/wt while I’m here


  3. I don’t usually get wrecked by air it is the same base as yours just swapped bottom xbow with cc, have 5 wizards on cc when i finish farming
    I don’t think ADs are that worth it (for level 6 yes) because they take so long and are to the sides so no point, teslas are shorter range but making base look easier is a good point
    Why don’t you set bows air? And skeles air (skeles sometimes did lure them to core same happens sometimes for cc depending where they hit from)


    • This base is much stronger with xbows on ground because it can easily wreck many ground attacks, and 60-70% of my raids are still ground. I can’t sacrifice 60% of my wins for the last 40%.

      I’ll try air skels and lvl6 AD before I make further judgement then. But AD on the side are actually very strong because it leaves loons without protection as hounds zoom ahead of the base. AD in the core is stupid because of this


      • True, but most bases will have two line of defenses between the two sets of ads anyway
        It is working okay for me (alittle higher defenses with 6ads, ITs 3,2) and c wizards with baby drag or loons


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