Upgraded 4 lvl11 walls today (12mil total resources)

Just one day of collector farming and my DE shot up like 60k. This is the power and reason why I always recommend people to farm collectors, you can get much more loot in a much short period of time.

I can probably gem AQ awake once I get 200k and gem her completion immediately. That sounds very exciting and a very good use of gems. I have 5.3k gems unused anyways.

Started the upgrade of a tesla to lvl3. 5 day upgrades will take long, but eventually they’ll be maxed and they really are the best defenses for a rushed base. No intimidation and high dmg.


Attack log:


I’ll be back to laloon after this, but just look at the amount of loot I make here. Its so easy to build walls and upgrade heroes if one just focuses on collector raiding.

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