Have 200k DE ready, gems ready and finger ready to hit AQ once she’s gemmed up. Nothing can go wrong right?


These were my raids prior to AQ waking, got from 180 > 200k in a couple raids, doing well today.


Here’s my gemming progress:




Maxed AQ! Just spent 1.5k gems but well worth it to get her maxed 10 days in advance. Feeling proud of myself. The euphoria still persists although I have maxed 4 AQs to lvl40 so far, it feels great.

Then I realised:


Dumped all my elixir into walls before this and dumped all my DE into AQ. I needed to fill something up in the lab. I panicked, because I needed to farm really hard in an hour to afford everything. My ward rounds start in 1.5 hrs (yes, this was 5am) so I really need to hurry. Checking through the list, I had hogs (20k) or drag (2mil elixir) but I could also farm hard for minions lvl5 at 40k DE. I chose that as my target and boosted:


With maxed AQ and laloon, I set off to farm for an hour.


Got as much DE as I could muster. As predicted my elixir went up super slow. Got like 3.5mil gold/1.4mil elixir/40k DE within an hour. With a sigh of relief, I was able to put minions into lab and still got to wards in time


With my target done, this ended my hectic morning as I made the mistake of upgrading AQ and dumping elixir without thinking about lab. This actually happens quite often to me as I focus on something that I really like/want and forget to about secondary objectives.

Upgraded 1 lvl10 wall and 3 lvl11 walls today (11mil total resources)

I also upgraded minions to lvl5 in lab, and I started a lvl2 xbow upgrade today


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