Reached TH4 and the first thing I went to find is what is the TH4 pack. Its actually decent in the sense that it gives you enough resources off the bat to start the TH5 upgrade immediately. Too bad TH8/9 packs now don’t give gems but more resources which is generally useless. Later packs do give DE (TH9-11) I think but I still miss having gems here.


You still need to build all the other things like another barracks to start the TH upgrade though, so just build them all and upgrade TH.

Read my TH4 guide here:

TH4 Guide


4 hours later,


Started the TH upgrade as soon as I could afford it, going to TH5 early is good because you get your 3rd army camp instant adding 50% to your army size. Its crazy how much difference there is between TH4 and TH5, but almost no difference between TH11 and TH12. I wish they could keep the gap such that one TH is twice as strong as the TH below it.


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