Already upgrading to TH7, in fact. TH6 was a blur because I plopped everything down (4 defenses in total), withdrew from my treasury (FWA loot ftw!) then upgraded my town hall straightaway.

So basically as a new TH6, I did: bomb tower, mortar, air defense, wizard tower then town hall. Did that all even before touching any offense, mainly because TH6 has almost no offense upgrade anyways.

Another reason is that the town hall needs 4 freaking days to finish this upgrade, which is 4 days too long tbh. The upgrade timer for the town hall is weird, it increases dramatically at TH5-7 (2 days for TH6, 4 days for TH7 and 5 days for TH8). All other upgrades have been reduced significantly yet these are still quite the outlier.


Upgrade timer ticking, 2d13h to go…

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