Just another day of boring upgrading. 3 army camps upgrading and they will be maxed before I get to TH7, so that’s 150 camp space.

No good lab upgrades for TH6 so just doing giants, loons and goblins. My barrack is extremely low leveled so my strongest troop is balloon. Maxed storages for TH6 is 2mil if I remember correctly, so my storages are nearly there.


1d15h to go…


And what the fork is this?! 5000 gems with AUD$5?! 14 times value is no joke, I bought this immediately without even thinking.

Too bad its a low level pack, would be great if high levels get something like this. Maybe 2500 gems with the same price? At least its 7 times value. No real complaints from me though, my high level accounts are nearly maxed TH12 and have no use for gems anyway


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