Spot the difference between these two pictures:


The answer is in the title, after my DE storage is done, I can finally grind out 10k DE for my first BK level. With a lvl1 DE storage, I can store 12.5k DE so that’s enough for lvl2 BK. However with how bad DE is in TH7, it is unlikely for me to upgrade him quickly.

Dark barracks being built right there (7 o’clock in second pic), its requirement to upgrade to TH8 now so no choice for me to build it. At least its considered an offense upgrade so not much loss there.

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  1. Hey SinOfDusk. I’ve been reading your journal series until the summer of 2017 when I took a break of the game. Now that I have come back I’ve been considering to rush my already rushed TH9 to the next TH. I have max lvl all elixir troops except pekka, drags and baby drag, max elixir spells and lvl2 hounds alongside with lvl10 king and lvl15 queen. Most of my defenses are TH7/8 lvls and my walls are 50 lvl8 and rest lvl7. So should I rush to TH10 now or wait until my heroes get to a higher lvl?


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