Trying out wordpress’s new editor right now, feels like something off squarespace or something. Will need to play around with this.

I have thought at times to make a patreon or paypal donate option so that I can use wordpress premium or other web hosting sites. But I guess I post way too inconsistently to ask for money from others

Nothing much changed here, still upgrading spell factory and started a lvl1 tesla. Despite the reduction in upgrade times, teslas and air defenses still feel way too long for a low level. By the time I nearly completed offense, I still always choose to neglect defenses

Still have a lvl1 BK and almost no increase in DE, probably because I didn’t prioritise and farm DE. Oh well, will need to farm more today

TH7 DE farming is pretty hard because I can only look for 800-1000 DE per raid consistently, its hard to find dead TH9/10s with 2.7-4k DE. This is why you shouldn’t worry about BK level at TH7/8 because DE only gets better when you upgrade your TH. 

TH7 farming also results in overflowing elixir, as shown in the picture above. In fact, farming below TH9 is self-inflicted loot penalty because almost all your elixir is put to waste. Why waste 50% of your loot when you can go to TH9 and unlock your full farming potential?

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