Still waiting for my drill, can you believe that it used to take almost a week to get 3 drill levels? And 24 days just to bring it from lvl3 to lvl6, crazy! Now it only takes 5.5 days to bring it from lvl6>7 instead of 6 days for lvl3>4

Maxed army camps and now slowly upgrading barracks and dark barracks. These two will be my major grind when I finally reach TH10

Oh yay, wizard event which rewards builder potions, problem?

I only have lvl6 barracks! That means that I cannot build wizards yet and cannot complete the event. Luckily I only need another 5.5 hours to complete this barracks upgrade.

I can only bring 5 wizards in my puny CC so I must train 5 of my own to complete the event.

Builder potion is also obscenely powerful at these low levels because cutting 9 hours from 5 builders (total 45 hours) is crazy when your upgrades cost like 24-48 hours. Builder potion is my number one choice for lower levels, and unless you are TH11+, book of building and hero aren’t as useful as these potions.

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