Still upgrading barracks, storages, dark barracks and BK

Timed my TH8 upgrade a little poorly, now I have maxed walls while waiting for the TH to complete. Town hall still has almost 2 days to go, now I’m just waiting around with maxed storages

The wall price discount is a little overdone imo, walls used to cost more than twice than they were now. Since TH11/12 walls were not reduced, it creates a dramatic change when one goes to TH11/12 compared to TH1-10. 

For those who did not know the discount, here’s what walls used to cost:

Lvl7 walls (TH7): used to be 200k > now 100k

Lvl8 walls (TH8): 500k > 250k

Lvl9 walls (TH9): 1mil > 500k

Lvl10 walls (TH9): 3mil > 2mil > 1mil (price reduced twice so far)

Lvl11 walls (TH10): 4mil > 3mil > 2mil (price reduced twice so far)

Lvl12 walls (TH11): 4mil

Lvl13 walls (TH12): 5mil

It used to require 1billion gold/elixir to max walls in TH9 and another billion for TH10, now it only takes 375mil then 500mil. This means that many more people are maxing walls before everything else in these TH levels.

If at any point of the game, you max walls for your level, just upgrade your TH already. The potential loss of not farming is far greater than any defensive loss you can ever get. In fact, this was the first reason I ever rushed in the first place. I maxed walls way too easily at TH6/7 and would’ve quit the game if I had not rushed.

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