I’m just starting TH8, and my elixir is already overflowing. This is the problem with TH8, if you upgrade anything gold or DE based, your elixir will overflow too easily. This is why everyone should rush to TH9 asap and don’t waste time in TH8

Dropped many of the new TH8 stuff at lvl1, then I had enough DE to upgrade BK to lvl5 so that takes priority. I still have tesla and bomb tower to build, will do them later because other stuff are much more important.

Lvl8 walls only cost 250k now, so only 50mil or so gold to max walls, too easy.


  1. Hey dusk, i’ve just read your TH9 guides and i don’t really see why you should stay in TH9 to max AQ, If loot really does see a substantial boost between TH9 and TH10 wouldn’t it be beneficial to simply upgrade farming troops + army camps before upgrading to TH10?


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