Another day of TH8 means another day of maxed elixir. I haven’t even spent more than a week in TH8 and the problem is already there. Many people in reddit are just asking about this as a TH8/9 and people still stupidly ask them to max out while wasting a ton of resources.

Keeping BK upgrading is much easier at TH8, I almost have enough for his next level too. I’m starting to upgrade my storages now, they will be really helpful afterwards.

Also, I think my walls are already 1/3 done and its less than a week, the price reduction was really uncalled for

Even my first lab upgrade is not complete yet, and I am already impatient to go to TH9 asap


  1. hi Sin, again big fan! Just wanna tell you that my newest account which follows everything on your guides here is about to get to TH 8 LOL and apparently that account got the kingly offer 3 times already. By the ways, is there any ways I can contact to you directly for some certain questions?


    • Nice, I think the current best way to play the game is to keep an account at TH7 or so for a long long time, accruing gems from kingly offer then just blitz a large part of the game with the cheap gems you got


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