3.5 days to TH9, can’t wait.

Lvl11 storages (current max for TH7-10) still take 2 days despite the reductions for lvl2-10, makes them a little out of place compared to the others but its not a big deal. At least lvl12 storages, which used to take 7 days now only take 4 days.

Just started upgrading WB to lvl4 I think, then I will start lvl5 as I upgrade lab in TH9. They don’t gain a new lvl in TH9, but they will be the 3rd troop I upgrade in TH10, after barbs and arch.

I still need to farm 2k DE for BK lvl10, and then another 62.5k for AQ lvl1 and 2. That means a total of 65k DE in 3.5 days, too easy


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