Can you see the mistake above? Probably not, because I missed the mistake too. I gemmed my town hall upgrade last night, so I used all my extra builders to upgrade AQ, spell factory, one camp, clan castle and my mistake the xbow.

The problem is not the xbow per se, but actually I didn’t allocate a builder for my lab. I planned to start wallbreaker lvl5 then start the lab upgrade so that both upgrades complete at the same time.

Now my lab is complete, but I don’t have any builder to work for me. I guess there can only be one solution to this problem.

Yep, gemming my spell factory would be the best solution here since I don’t have any book of buildings to help me out. Oh well, 500 gems is almost nothing due to the kingly offer I got previously

New TH9, 2 hours to go before AQ wakes up so I need to farm another 7k for her. The first few levels of AQ is crazy, almost 150k DE within the first 3 days. After this AQ gets so much easier, only requiring around 25k every day.

These are my troop levels as a new TH9, almost nothing upgraded except barch, wb and loons. Farming isn’t an issue though since I need nothing else to farm even until TH12

This was a really fun army to use since barch only took 12min to complete, crazy. The returns were really good as well, giant skeleton is really an insane troop. 

Why bother staying in TH8 when loot in this is like this? This is why I say stupid when I see a maxed TH8, all the wasted potential and time. 

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