Missed a day of pictures, oh well. Farming is really easy using barch, just find dead bases and get loot, so easy.

The Crows is the best base out there, I knew the creator personally, Phoenix (Aphrodi in the forums) and he learned his rushing ways under me. He created this base and it was the best base for rushers. In the past, base designers would say “the base doesn’t work for you because you didn’t max TH9”, on a TH9 base! So the base only works after maxing your town hall? Then what is the bloody point of the base in the first place?! The Crows changed everything, and made smarter people realise that defense levels isn’t everything. Of course sheep in reddit and the forums would make you believe otherwise

You can read my old post here, describing what is important for successful defense: https://clashguideswithdusk.wordpress.com/2016/12/09/defense-level-does-not-matter/

And this: https://clashguideswithdusk.wordpress.com/2016/11/30/determinants-of-defense/

After I drop my new xbow and 2nd air sweeper, you guys can copy my base. Otherwise you can find the base in Google.

I have both DE drills upgrading, I want the 4.8k DE/day and every day I delay the drill upgrade is as good as losing that amount. Both drills going to lvl4 right now and my first one is going to lvl5 in 12 hours


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