Unfortunately, I somehow only have a close up picture of my base without the full base. Just showing off spending 43 gems to complete drill lvl4

Farming is too easy and I overflow on resources constantly, so I just spend some gems here and there to start upgrades faster. First drill going to lvl5 now and soon I will have 2 lvl6 drills producing 4.8k DE per day

The sad thing people don’t realise is that everyday you stay below TH10, you are losing DE because your drills are not producing at their fullest potential. A TH10 can produce 120*24*3 = 8640 DE/day. Producing 4.8k per day means I’m actually losing 3.8k DE per day just by staying in TH9. No matter how much farming or how good a farmer I am, this is free DE that I can never get back. Never overstay lower TH levels because of this. I’ve seen many people spend 4-6 months in lower THs, forgetting that they have lost 500k DE just by playing inefficiently. 

I’ve even seen people suggest me to stay at TH8 to upgrade collectors instead of rushing to TH10 to max drills asap. If I had tried to max collectors at TH8, I would have lost 800k DE just because I played inefficiently. Stupid

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