Nothing much going on, just started AQ yesterday night, need to grind another 32k by tomorrow morning

AQ lvl8 already, and I’m barely one week into TH9. Its insane how much faster heroes are now, it only takes 80 days to go from lvl1 to lvl30 hero, can you imagine? It used to take 151 days for just one hero to lvl30, now it takes 140 days to bring them to lvl40.

As a result, it actually takes more DE farming to keep heroes upgrading, it now takes 25k DE/day to keep heroes constantly upgrading to lvl40. With TH9 drills, it takes an additional 20k farming (4.8k from drills) and for a TH10, it only takes 16.6k farming (8.4k from drills). With the additional DE from TH10 bases, it only takes about 40k DE per day to keep both heroes permanently upgrading which is really easy.

Bases like these make me really shake me head at how inefficient people can be. Maxed walls with 17/14 heroes, and the player opted to waste millions and millions of gold/elixir just to keep heroes upgrading. Even then, the player failed because both heroes are awake. People don’t realise that maxing TH9 is a much better mistake than just rushing to TH10 early and focusing on heroes there instead


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