Ah, forgotten to take pictures of the last 2 days, so now I skipped to day 43 😦 And I realised that I missed pictures for the next 2 days as well. Oh well.

Base looking good, AQ still upgrading, barbs are done in lab so I’m upgrading rage spell now. I won’t max rage spell because it is almost pointless.

AQ going to lvl12 now, almost able to afford her next level and I still got 1 day to farm DE. 2nd xbow building now, the +50 dps is much stronger than anything you can upgrade in TH8. 

4 days to double maxed drills, can’t wait. DE storage going to max because I want to be able to store as much as I can when I am able to farm hardcore

Here are my troop levels, maxed barch and wb with everything else being minimum level. Heroes 10/11 for now

With maxed gold and enough DE to start my next AQ level, I am pretty impatient

Boosted 2 hours of builders so that I can start my next AQ upgrade soon. 1 builder potion = 9 hours saving per builder or a total of 45 hours of savings. This makes them almost always a better pick for rushers since I can get 2-3 potion per book of builders. 


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