AQ upgrade to lvl15

Book of heroes!

That’s why I farmed 138k for this, two levels of AQ easily done. This is another thing that really helps rushing, the magical items. If you are stuck at lower TH levels, these books really don’t help too much but their value increases dramatically as you level up your TH. A book of fighting only has 3-5 days of value for a TH8, but provides 7-10 days of value for a TH10. Its the same book which costs the same and rewarded the same in clan games. You choose how effective it can be

And let’s not even talk about those idiots who stay in TH6-8 with no way to effectively spend BoH. You should be a TH9 within 1-2 months of playing, this minimizes the risk of having too many book of heroes going to waste.

AQ going to lvl16 right now, pretty easy to keep her going. Loons lvl4 or lvl5 also almost complete in lab but I never used them. Next AQ level is going to cost 75k and I need to farm that for 3 days, so its 25k DE/day. In fact, if you do the math, its a consistent 25k/day from lvl1-40 AQ, pretty decent balancing at SC’s part.

Storages finally about to max, going to do some collectors afterwards most likely. Another level of loons being upgraded in lab

Wall progress: 46*1.5 + 134*1 = 203mil resources remaining to maxed walls. Walls are really way too easy now, do people even remember that TH9 walls used to cost 1 billion? 1 million to lvl9, 3 million to lvl10

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