Started my 2nd barracks to lvl9, its actually better now to focus on barracks one at the time, so that you unlock all the troops you can. In the long past, each barracks has its own limit as to how many troops you can train, but now all barracks are shared. So now there is no reason to upgrade barracks evenly.

In short, its better to upgrade one barracks to max before upgrading the rest. I had 8/8/8/8 barracks, its better to bring one to lvl11 thus having 11/8/8/8 rather than 9/9/9/9.

I have enough DE for the next AQ level now and I still need to wait 36 hours before I’m able to upgrade her. Patience…

I also upgraded my dark spell factory again so that I can unlock skeleton spells.

Loons going to lvl6 now, unfortunately they are not cost efficient to use for farming so I will probably not use them until mid-late TH11

Defense logs:

Don’t know about you, but it seems that I only lose DE about 20% of the time. So why bother maxing out and upgrading defenses when they do nothing?

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