Already have 100k DE prepared, and AQ is going to wake soon. She’s going to lvl17 right now and I start her as soon as she wakes up later today

I also started my TH upgrade yesterday, now I’m 5.5 days to reaching TH10. Decided to go to TH10 right now because I have completed every important upgrade already so no point in overstaying TH9. This is what people should think rather than overstaying TH9 then complaining heroes are hard.

Huh, its only 52 days since I started the game. Given that I only really farmed DE in the past 22 days and I have already accumulated 1mil DE, I can say that I farmed almost 40-50k DE every day in the past 3 weeks. Pretty decent eh? If I continue on this trajectory, I would reach my main’s HH in about 2 years.

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