Everything is going accordingly to plan now, mostly done with everything and I can wait to reach TH10 now. It seems strange that 8 days seem so fast comparatively now, you need to wait 4 days to reach TH7 and that was pretty much the longest wait you’ve ever experienced. But now 8 days seem so short, can’t squeeze in more AQ levels

AQ going to lvl18, 4th barracks going to lvl9 and dark barracks going to lvl3.

I forgotten to take pictures of my base in the next 3 days, my next post would be Day 57 where I’m one day away from TH10. Nothing much happens in the interim, just continued to upgrade barracks. I also took a break from upgrading AQ because I was actually in vacation during day 52 to day 58, hence I couldn’t farm enough to keep AQ upgrading.


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