Forgotten to take pictures the last 3 days so this is the only picture I have. I’m 29 hours away from being a TH10, so I am saving up all my gold/lix to kickstart my TH10 upgrades. Imagine, instead of working on lab, sf and army camps, people decide to upgrade xbows/WT/AD which do nothing to help them.

Also, since my DE was quite full, I just decided to upgrade another level of AQ. This means that I will only have 4 builders to start out TH10 and also lvl0 AQ as a new TH10. Is that a good decision? Because apparently people tell me that heroes are necessary for farming and lvl30 AQ somehow helps me in my farming as a new TH10.

Those people who gave me that advice are probably idiots.

These are my troop levels currently for TH10. Heal spell are being upgraded to lvl4, then I will start lvl5 before I upgrade lab soon after. This means that I will have lvl5 heal spell when I reach TH10.

If you haven’t read this yet, please do so:

Not enough people know this, you can actually squeeze in many troops doing so. Never let your lab go idle, even when your lab is upgrading.


  1. Hi Sin
    I followed your advise in my second acct and skipped TH8 much before maxing defenses and lab. I was constantly overflowing in elixir and doing mass dragons raids just to not overflow that much. Pretty stupid of me instead of just rushing to TH9. I hit that upgrade button and had not regretted that decision even for a single second. Staying in TH8 to max is the biggest foolishness a coc player may do. Wasting millions of elixir to no use is really stupid. Keep the good work and good advise up.


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