The last 7 hours before TH10, just going to do some short upgrades while waiting for the TH to complete. Pretty excited for TH10 because farming is super easy and I should be able to keep heroes upgrading without any problems.

One last look at my troops, nothing different compared to yesterday. Just got heal lvl4 now, started lvl5 in lab and will upgrade lab in a while.

Look at the TH10 pack, a lvl1 inferno, a lvl2 xbow and 150k DE, all for the price of $20. Given that infernos and the xbow will take about 14 days anyway, its pretty decent value. The extra DE will come in handy as I keep upgrading heroes.

Fortunately I had minimal DE when I reached TH10 so the 150k DE came in handy to fill up my DE storage and not overflow me. The new inferno and xbow will be placed accordingly

This is my wall progress as I reach TH10, about less than halfway done with TH9 walls before I jumped to TH10 which is fine. TH10 loot is so good that I don’t need to worry about this

Now I need about 700mil to max my walls, let’s see how fast I can complete them. Mostly likely will complete them before I max my AQ

First look at my TH10 base, I have started lab, spell factory, DE drill and clan castle. Will be about 4 days before I can do anything other than these and AQ.

Lab going to lvl8 soon and I will be able to start barbs lvl7 in lab pretty soon. Lvl7 barch is quite a bit stronger than lvl6 despite only growing 10%, its sad that almost every troop gets only 10% growth instead of their rightful 30-50%

And this is why I should have upgraded one barracks to max before upgrading the rest. Now I have lvl9 barracks which only can train dragons so I cannot benefit from this event at all. I lost 6 potions or 60 gems here, quite sad


  1. Hey Sin, i’m a th10 with all elixir + Collecters/Mines/Drills, so i only have defenses to upgrade which are already max th9 level, no need for th10 lvl defs? I also have half lvl 10/9 walls with 16/30. I have maxed gibarch, miners, bowitch, laloon, wbs, heal/rage as a th10.
    What should i do with my builders? or should i go to th11 so my builders are not idle ( working on offense ).


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