Happy 2019!

Missed some pictures from yesterday, I only have these 3 pictures below showing me spending gems to finish AQ. After buying the TH10 value pack and getting 150k DE, it was inevitable that I will overflow on my DE. And TH10 is really abundant in dark

At least something eh, AQ going to lvl20 now. That’s about 1/3 to lvl40 or 1/8 to lvl60 (estimated). Below will be my day 60 base

Still waiting on lab, cc and spell factory. Drill going to lvl3 now which is good, I want my drills to be lvl7 asap otherwise I’m losing 480/drill/day. AQ as mentioned going to lvl20 right now.

Given that I still need to wait 2.5 days for AQ, my DE is already creeping back to full again. Lvl20 only took 90k so I could’ve easily done 2 levels if I had a book or willing to spend some extra gems.

These were the Black Friday offers at the time. Buying 2mil DE would be cool but that costs about half of my rent, no thank you. Given that my DE is overflowing, it makes little sense to buy extra DE. The books aren’t even worth it, each I’ll value at only 500 gems. Those builder potions though…

DE still pretty poor right now but its getting better compared to TH9. Tons of dead bases to be exploited so everyone should be rushing to TH10 in 2-4 months of starting the game

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