Started AQ lvl20 on the first or second day of TH10, now she’s done and I will keep her upgrading no matter what. I have enough DE for BK easily and plenty to spare, but I don’t have builders to spare so I will defer him for now unfortunately.

Only 35k for BK, definitely can afford it. But army camps and drills are much more important than 200-300 hp on the BK. Still one more day to go before I can use any spells, and people keep saying that spell factory down is the worst thing ever. This is because people don’t know how to farm!

This is how I farm:

Minimal spells needed, lots of and lot of loot. I’m being flooded with too much loot and too much DE. Its crazy that people think farming in TH9 while wasting all the gold and elixir is a good move. Even better is that I’m only in gold leagues right now, crystal is another ballpark with insane loot.

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