Well, managed to farm enough elixir easily so now both army camps and barracks are upgrading. I find the storage limit really restrictive because it only takes like 20 raids to max out and I have to waste my elixir while waiting for builders. The good thing about rushing is that I can do many short upgrades while waiting for longer upgrades, this allows me to have one builder coming free every day.

Still waiting on AQ and my DE is about to overflow yet again. My lord and I’m only in gold 2, imagine what would happen if I went to crystal 1-2. After this it is one army camp completing per day, finally builders coming off the shackles of these army camps and I will be 9% stronger after upgrading 4 army camps. Sigh, this is why I keep saying growth stagnates, 4 building upgrades just to gain 9% strength! And it will become 7.6% in TH12, crazy!

Gems > all. I always choose gems in clan games because their value persists whereas DE will eventually become useless. Take note of my choice above, I chose builder potions instead of book of heroes. The rationale is, each builder potion can cut 45 hours of time, totaling 135 hours; whereas book of heroes can only cut down 72-84 hours for now. Of the 135 hours, 27 of those contribute towards heroes, or 54 if I kept 2 heroes upgrading. This makes it much more efficient than book of heroes.

Whereas when I compare book of buildings vs builder potion, it is much more favourable to take the book. Book of building can cut away 10-12 days
(240-288 hours) of upgrade time in TH10, making it a much better choice than 90 hours provided by 2 builder potions

My eternal farming army. It takes me 25 minutes to train barch because I have 1 barracks down. If I were at full capacity it would only take 19 minutes. Unfortunately for me, it would take another 2 months or so to max barracks

Wall progress: barely done

Lvl9 walls = 120 * 3mil

Lvl10 walls = 151 * 2mil

Total = 360 + 302 = 662mil to maxed walls

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