Another level of AQ done, and my DE is still going to overflow in like 2 days. Being a TH10 is tough, too much dark! And I still wonder why people farm in TH8/9 despite knowing this. Its like an alcoholic who keeps drinking despite knowing the harms.

AQ going to lvl23 now and my 3rd DE drill is going to lvl6. After this its 3 builders on 3 drills to bring them to lvl7. Probably shouldn’t prioritize drills so early eh, since my DE is overflowing like crazy now. But I just can’t throw away 2-3k per day for fun


Spent the 51 gems to instant complete lvl7 arch, giving them a puny 8% boost to their stats and now I start the WB upgrade

Instantly completed it and started a giant upgrade. Now I have maxed barch and wb, they’re going to be really useful. See the advantage of rushing? I have low level troops so after using a book, I can instantly start another cheap upgrade.

I remember when books were introduced, people did mention that they couldn’t afford anything after using a book. Maxers always complain because they play the game inefficiently and cannot see it.

And while upgrading WB, I noticed something:

Look at that growth. Lvl6 wb are just half as strong as lvl8, if only all other troops follow this pattern. However I feel that wb should be stronger for lvl7/8, its pretty sad that lvl7 cannot one shot legos (lvl9) and lvl8 cannot one shot lavas (lvl10)

By TH11, I think that wb should be able to one shot lvl9 walls and TH12 wallbreakers should be able to effortlessly one shot lvl10 walls.

Walls are another component which needs to be buffed imo, TH11/12 should have much stronger walls (and stronger wrecker and wb) so that low levels just get bricked when they face these walls. Jump and quake spells should also have a limit, TH9 jump should not be able to skip past TH11/12 walls.

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