3 down, 1 to go. I have 235 army camp space now and my barch takes 10% longer to train compared to TH9. Training times should be decreased when you increase your troop levels to correspond with increased army camp size. At TH12, barch takes a whopping 26-28min to train, its insane. War armies don’t become faster too, its 45-60min to train a reasonable war army.

Now I’m focusing on my DE drills, want to bring all to max. Even with lvl6 drills, I am losing 20*24*3 = 1440 DE/day because I didn’t upgrade them to lvl7. DE that I do not gain is as good as DE lost.

Attacks are going well, DE a little slim but doesn’t matter anyway since my DE is overflowing now.

Much more walls done now,

(113 * 3) + (148 * 2) = 339+296 = 635mil to maxed walls

Done 27mil in the last 3 days, averaging about 9mil/day. Yeah, this trend will continue until I am nearly complete with walls

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