So instead of upgrading my final drill, I chose to build my 2nd inferno which probably can help me in defense. Single mode inferno is something that is poorly balanced imo, lvl1 is pretty strong already and doesn’t get much stronger at lvl6. Single infernos should charge up faster as you upgrade them, make them dish out their full damage in about 2.5-3s instead of being 5.25s constant.

Example: lvl1 inferno takes 5.25s + 9.6s to dish out 10k dmg (30*1.5 + 100*3.75 + 1000*9.6)

Lvl6 inferno takes 5.5s+4.55s to dish out 10k dmg (81*1.5 + 200*3.75 + 2000*4.55)

This means upgrading this defense 5 times, spending 43mil gold and 44 days only increases its power by 50% (14.85/9.95), or alternatively lvl1 single inferno is 67% as strong as lvl6 while only being 10% of its cost. Let that sink in and see whether you think lvl6 infernos need a buff.

Also, nothing in this game has 10k hp. The comparison is worse when you compare lower hp targets. For a 7k hp target, lvl1 inferno takes 11.85s; lvl6 inferno takes 8.5s, making lvl6 only 40% stronger than lvl1.

This is something I am going to abuse as time goes by. In conclusion, given that I am spending 10% the cost of a maxed inferno and getting 67-75% of one, it seems building the inferno is really worth it.

AQ chugging along, 3 days before she awakes and I can start lvl25

Defense log:

Hmm, based on this maybe infernos aren’t really necessary after all? Seems like my TH9 crows base can still defend really well as a rushed TH10. People can barely take any loot from me

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