Will be busy the next two days, so there will be no post tomorrow. Traveling for work 😦

Well, first maxed drill done so it will be providing me with free 2880 DE per day. If I were a maxer, I would still be a TH7/8 who is only producing a puny 1080/2160 DE per day. Just by going to TH10 early, I can earn 6k additional free DE per day compared to maxing out. And yet people are so obsessed about maxing every tiny thing in TH7-9 while neglecting their lvl7 drills and much more.

AQ going to lvl25 already, she’s now about half as strong as a lvl60 AQ, pretty decent. Only 25k DE/day needed to keep her upgrading up till about lvl47 so its very easy to keep one hero upgrading. Drills already give out 8.6k per day for free, the additional 17k can come easily from 4 raids per day, I’m not even counting FWA or star bonus.

I keep saying this and will keep saying it, maxing TH7-9 is dumb and only hinders long term progress. In fact, maxing TH9 is the worst thing one could do. Now that I understand more, maxing TH6 or TH8 harms you pretty significantly but not as bad as maxing TH9. People throw away half a billion gold/elixir in the pursuit of maxing TH9.

In fact, going from maxed TH8, rushing to TH10 then maxing TH10 takes as much time as just maxing TH9 alone! Unfortunately maxers will never understand this basic fact.


  1. Just curious, is there a reason you don’t upgrade all walls to one level, then to the next? I noticed you have lvl 9,10,&11 walls. Just curious, I’m sure seeing that you have only lvl 4 defenses the walls aren’t going to do a lot. But everything else you seem to do precisely, ie lowest level is the most efficient to upgrade but you don’t follow that with walls 🙂


    • For my base, lvl1 walls will work exactly the same as lvl13 walls, defense levels are not the issue.

      The main reason is that if I farm 8mil, I want to put that into the highest level walls I can upgrade and use the leftovers for lower level walls. That leaves me with lower level walls which I can

      It used to be much more important when walls cost 2-3 times more than now. If I farm 7mil and my walls cost 4mil, I can only upgrade 1 wall and that leaves me with 3mil, not good. If I have lower level walls, I can upgrade one 4mil wall, one 3mil wall and that leaves nothing for attackers to steal my loot. In short, better loot utilization.

      The best defense is not having lvl6 inferno, its not lvl5 giga tesla, its not maxed archer towers. The best (non-gem) defense in this game is having no loot to steal in the first place


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