I actually unlocked this after it was nerfed the first time, with this and a power potion, I actually had the power to 3 star maxed TH11s or so people said.

The bat spell actually offered a good chance to rebalance the entire TH10-12 however SC took the easy way out and just nerfed bat spells twice making them nearly useless now. Its really too bad

They probably could’ve allowed bats to be targeted by air bomb (but not seeking air mine) then increase the targets of multi inferno towers to combat bat spells. Wizard towers should also attack faster at TH11/12 which makes bats worse against TH11/12 compared to TH10. Once bat spells are adequately balanced, then they should quickly buff other troops to ensure that those troops aren’t too weak with stronger infernos.

Bat spells were really good in one thing, making TH10 obsolete and allowing TH11s to dip TH10s without any brain. This is something they should do, a dip should be nearly automatic and no planning should be needed.

With lvl7 barch, I can finally reach crystal and earn bonus DE per raid. This will allow me to overflow DE stupidly easy. Also, the 250 gems will be helpful

AQ going on smoothly, building my second bomb tower so that I can upgrade to TH11 now if I want to. Also started

Goblins going to lvl6 now, its also one troop that SC balanced poorly. It used to be a TH10 troop but then dropped to TH9. In fact, there was a history before TH11 where SC pandered to TH9s and gave them everything while TH10s got nothing. Thankfully the time has passed now and SC didn’t give TH9s infernos, thank god for that. Perma-maxed TH9s were begging SC to give them infernos because TH9 became too easy

Attack logs:

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