As you remember from yesterday, I gemmed and booked my AQ so now she is awake and I’m in a mad scramble to farm enough DE to start her next level. El primos were still around at that time and they were crazy good. Made barch a crazy killing army comp. Time to start a training potion…

Within a good hour of boosting, I got the necessary DE and upgraded AQ again

Pretty easy to farm DE, I don’t know why TH9s struggle so much. They are probably farming at less than 50% of my efficiency. Then they end up as a maxed TH9 with 20/20 heroes asking whether they should upgrade their TH. Most of reddit will say 30/30 is worth it or some stupid stuff, not knowing that upgrading the TH alone would almost instantly double their DE income

Even as a crazy farmer like me, this book only saved me about 4 days of upgrade time. A book is sold for 500 gems at its normal price, I only saved 100 gems despite farming so quickly. For anyone else, the book would’ve been worth much less, sometimes even gemming the AQ outright is more worth it than buying a book from the trader. This is why I strongly discourage people from buying the book from the trader because it is really not very worth it

Fortunately this book was from clan games so it was essentially a free 600 gem bonus. Good for me


  1. Hi !
    First of all, I wanted to thank you for your dedication and the consistency of your posts. I’ve been following your journey after discovering the myth of rushing wisely in CoC through Morgauth’s posts on the CoC forum. I’m near the TH9 after one month of playing the game. Seeing your progression on heroes, I was wondering how you could farm enough DE everyday for your king at TH8. May you tell me how many times a day do you raid on average ?
    Thanks again for your blog



  2. At this rate won’t you be left with overflowing de far before you max out your defenses? Isn’t that kinda inefficient considering loot is by far the best at TH10 and upgrading to TH11 prematurely to avoid the “lost” de would result in decreases in efficiency. I’m not trying to hate or anything just honestly wondering.


    • Here’s how it breaks down:
      After I maxed walls and heroes in TH10, I would only be farming 500-700k gold per day. All elixir will be wasted because there’s no walls to upgrade, all DE will be wasted because heroes are maxed.

      If I rushed to TH11, let’s say hypothetically I would lose 20% of my loot (experience tells me that it does not occur), I would still be making 3-5mil gold, 3-5mil elixir and 30-40k DE per day

      Its either losing 20% to “loot penalty” or losing 90% to maxed walls and heroes. In reality, TH11 has very similar loot profile as TH10 so there’s nothing to lose.

      Furthermore, TH11 unlocks the warden which is time-gated. No matter how much I farm I still need 80 days to max him out without books or gems. Starting him early means I’ll max him early and be able to use him much earlier.


      • Thanks for the reply! Still wouldn’t you experience the same max wall/ max heroes problem in TH11 or would the increased cost of the walls balance that out?


      • The increased cost of walls in TH11/12 will balance it out. However, in the end I would most probably end up with maxed heroes and walls at TH12 but 6-12 months of defenses remaining


  3. Doesn’t that kinda go against the whole “maximise income to maximise progress”strategy, I mean you’d need quite a bit of grinding during those months (if what i hear about TH12 is true) to complete max out the base. So unless I’m mistaken, if progress is the name of the game wouldn’t it be ideal to slow down the pace at which you’re upgrading your heroes?


    • Nope, after walls and heroes are maxed, no grind in the game exists anymore.

      At my pace, I’m requiring about 5-9mil gold and elixir plus 45k DE per day to keep walls and heroes upgrading at a fast enough pace. This is actually lower than what I actually farm everyday which is why you see me with overflowing storages constantly.

      When I only need to work on defenses, I only need 3mil gold per day and about 500k elixir. The grind is the time, not the resources.

      After I max heroes, I can just watch as collectors build my defenses all the way to maxed TH10 level, no farming required. Because I have low level defenses, I can work on cheap TH7 defenses while hoarding for expensive TH11/12 upgrades at the same time.

      I can generally farm about 40-60k DE per day, along with that I farm 6-8mil gold and 6-8mil elixir as a byproduct.

      If I choose to slow down to 3mil gold, 3mil elixir and 30k DE. I’m still losing 10-30k DE per day because I’m not farming that loot. If I max out my heroes and allow my DE to overflow, that’s worse, I’m losing 40-60k DE per day.

      I can draw a timeline for the entire thing, but will most likely make it as a completely new post


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