If you do not know, the rage spell formula is:

Base damage * (100% + rage spell bonus) = final damage

For lvl2 rage spell on lvl2 miner (base damage = 150)

Final damage = 150 * (100+140)% = 360

For lvl3 rage on lvl2 miner, it is 150 * 2.5 = 375dmg

So the upgrade only improved rage spell by 375/360 = 4.16%

4.16% how can you even feel the difference? You usually don’t, that’s why I leave my rage spell at such low level for so long because the only thing that increases sharply is its cost!

lvl5 rage is only 17% (270/230) stronger than lvl1 rage spell, but the elixir cost almost doubles. This is why it is a real ripoff.

Lvl6/7 rage spell should be released for TH11/12 but their growth has to be much better to be worth it.

Lvl5 bonus = 170%, lvl6 bonus = 200%, lvl7 bonus = 240%

This would maintain slight exponential growth which would help with the game balance massively. Lvl6 is 11% stronger than lvl5, lvl7 is 13% stronger than lvl6.

85 * 3mil = 255mil

121 * 2mil = 242mil

255 + 242mil = 497mil to maxed walls, they are coming nicely

Otherwise nothing much with my base, loot is easy, things are easy

2 heroes upgrading, 1 dark barracks, 1 barracks and 1 collector. This basically what I am doing for almost the entirety of TH10.

TH11 would be much different, I will most probably have 2-3 heroes upgrading and I will use my book of buildings on barracks so that I don’t need to have one upgrading


  1. Hey Dusk!

    Thanks for the blog, it’s really made me think about the way I play clash in a very different light.

    One question: how do you maintain a high enough trophy level using barch? I can get up to 2000ish with loonion but I always end up dropping down to ~1700 or so with barch.


    • Depends on what you have available, BK certainly helps. If you have access to strong cc, bowlers or electro for example, you can easily cruise all the way to 2600.

      If neither are available, consider bringing zap spells to break some buildings for some extra %

      Sometimes, its not feasible or worth it do do any of the above measures, so just cruise and stay at whatever league you like. 1700-2600 are all good for TH10/11. DE does become better at 2200-2800 though, if that is a consideration. However, if you farm enough (>10 attacks/day) it ultimately doesn’t really matter


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