People often ask me why I focus on collectors before defenses, the answer is really easy actually. Defenses do nothing, so why should I upgrade them?

Now let’s see how I can prioritize my upgrades, its either defenses > collectors or collectors > defenses. Let’s go through both scenarios

Scenario 1: collectors then defenses

Since my collectors are only lvl8, they are making about 319k per day. If I upgrade them to max, I will be earning 823k. It will take about 2-3 months to do so, after that I will be upgrading defenses. From my new collector levels, I would earn 500k more per day for my defenses

Scenario 2: defenses then collectors

I will only retain my 319k per day, then I will work on defenses. Defenses will take 5-8 months. For those 5-8 months, I will be earning only 319k per day. Which means for defenses to be worth it, within 2-3 months of upgrading defenses, I need to save 500k per day using my stronger defenses.

Given that I am only losing like 400-600k per day, how can defenses even be justified? I need to lose like 0 loot every defense to make upgrading defenses more worth it than collectors. Ask any maxer around, how much loot do they lose per defense? They spent so much time on defenses, it should be useful right?

AQ going to lvl28 right now, 2 collectors upgrading and 2 barracks upgrading. This balance will be disrupted soon though when I decide to start upgrading BK

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