Just completed the valk event, which was not really useful because

This was my army for that event, mass valks were not an option because of their obscene training time. Having lvl1 valks is fine, but each valk taking 1.5min to train makes them way too slow to be used for any normal army. Furthermore, I had an upgrading dark barracks making the entire process even worse.

Really, I would rather a 50% elixir discount together with a 50% time discount. That would make many troops worth to use during the events.

Just upgraded another AQ level here, otherwise nothing much to see here

AQ going to lvl29 already, I wonder where I would be as a maxer? Probably still a 5/0 TH7. Someone actually said I am “neglecting heroes” by rushing, pretty dumb. The entire essence of rushing is to prioritise important upgrades ahead on non-important stuff.

Some people just stay incessantly at TH9 and see no results in the end. People tout that maxing will “better prepare” you for the next TH level, dumb idiots.

Attack log:

El primo were crazy good 😥 too bad I can’t use them anymore and simple barch can’t hit as hard. I’m also learning that mass miners aren’t much stronger than barch as well in terms of destroying dead bases. If I want to do storage raids, I would need to spend a huge amount of elixir which is almost always not worth it


I leeched off another clan for December’s CWL to get some league medals. Now I can buy some extra builder potions whenever I need it. CWL is another can of worms which can be a real discussion topic, for me its just another farming mode. However with FWA, its pretty hard to do CWL and I would need to arrange for it specifically.

All in all, the loot from CWL seems to be better than FWA because gold/elixir can be easily farmed, league medals are not


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