Yup, ponied up $10 for the best offer in the Xmas pack, 1200 gems and 5 builder potions. That was really an insane value which translated to 225 hours of builder time

Too bad the packs were not renewable, so no extra builder potions for me otherwise I would probably bought it again

Despite having both heroes upgrading, I’m still having overflowing DE, unbelievable! This is the sad thing about being optimal I guess. At least I’m only wasting few k DE instead of wasting my time in TH9 and wasting millions of DE as well.

Dark barracks almost done so I can train lava hounds soon, will need another level for bowlers. After that, I would only unlock ice golem if I have extra books. Otherwise formula remains the same, 1 builder on barracks, 1 on dark barracks, 2 on heroes and last on collector

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