Since I didn’t have a picture yesterday, this picture would serve as my 3rd month picture:

3rd month and I’m a TH10 with 15/30 heroes and maxed TH10 offense buildings. With a power potion, I can crush any TH9 in the world and fight toe to toe with maxed TH10s, so why waste months and years in lower TH levels? SC is trying hard to kill maxing because many players just quit the game early without touching any endgame content.

70*3mil = 210mil

95*2mil = 190mil

Total walls remaining = 400mil, which is about 60% remaining. Based on my old posts, I farmed about 360mil in walls in the past month, could be better. Even then at this rate, I will be maxing my TH12 walls within the first year of starting the game.

First time into Masters, thanks to El primo back then

1000 gems as a reward too, sweet!

12 days, seem worth it to use a book

Saved 12 days, the longest possible upgrade timer in TH10. This is another reason why I can upgrade so fast in 3 months

Heroes upgrading, barracks upgrading too

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