Just started the upgrade of both my heroes and my DE right now is 60k. Its amazing how easy loot is right now, heroes took longer to upgrade in the past and I wasn’t overflowing DE like crazy. Right now, I have to skip 200/200/5k bases because DE is too good right now and doing so would just make me overflow.

Its overall a good thing though because it makes it easier for the casual player. Only maxers suffer from this because they spend a year below TH10 not enjoying such good loot.

AQ is finally 30 and now going to lvl31. Getting to lvl30 is not an achievement anymore these days, its only 20% of the cost and 25% of the duration so its pretty mediocre. I still don’t understand how such an act can garner so many upvotes and praise in reddit. People say those who max TH9 heroes are patient? What’s the outcome and benefit of such patience? Getting crushed by TH10s and have no offensive strength to deal with TH10.

Its sad to see the wrong and bad things getting praised in reddit. The TH9 maxer probably shot themselves in both feet in terms of overall progress. I can only hope SC rectifies it with their CWL and operation blue storms

Miners slowly getting upgraded in lab. This is a far better indicator of strength rather than 30/30 heroes as a TH9.

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