Typed this out in reddit so I’ll just paste it here:

For current game balance, a new rage spell level is necessary. Given that th10 troops are about 60-80% as strong as th12, dps-wise. It is no wonder we see th10s getting stars so easily against even maxed th12s. However, given the current rage spell, giving even 5 new levels would not impact the game much. Here’s why:

The damage formula with rage spell is as such:

Total damage = base damage * (100% + rage spell multiplier)

A lvl5 rage spell works as a 2.7x multiplier (100%+170%). While a lvl2 rage spell works as 2.4x multiplier

Using one of the strongest troops to compare, a lvl8 balloon, here’s how it breaks down

Damage under lvl2 rage = 708 * 2.4 = 1700 damage

Damage under lvl5 rage = 708 * 2.7 = 1911 damage

See how small the difference really is, 200 damage per hit won’t really change the out one much most of the time given how loons clump or separate. No matter which building 5 loons will destroy them under rage regardless of lvl2 or lvl5, and even if we use 4 loons, there’s little to no difference (6800 vs 7600). This is also the best troop to compare, if we use bowlers or miners which have much lower damage per hit, rage spell upgrades would be almost unnoticeable.

This is because lvl5 rage is only 2.7/2.4 = 12.5% stronger than lvl2. Even with 3 level increase, it makes little to no difference. This is because rage spell improves linearly with a huge initial base

Y = mX + c

If your “c” is huge (2.2 in our case), “mX” will make little to no difference. The “m” in our case is really small (0.1) which will require you to have lvl22 rage to even double the power of lvl1!

Given lvl8 rage spell, it would have a 3.0x multiplier with the current formula. This allows the same loon to deal 708*3 = 2124 damage, compared with lvl5 its still a really small boost, only 11% increase even with 3 new levels! That’s less than 4% increase per level. People sometimes ask me why I leave my rage spell at lvl2, this is why. It costs 9k elixir less (33%) but 90% as effective as lvl5.

The solution is not to fundamentally change rage spell as it would disrupt so many other things. The solution is actually very simple, break the linear progression of rage spell

I’m thinking lvl6 rage (th11 above) to be a 2.9x multiplier, making it 7.5% stronger than lvl5. Then lvl7 (th12) to be a 3.2x multiplier, making it 10% stronger than lvl6 and almost 20% stronger than lvl5. This would allow th12 troops to be far stronger than th10 troops at the very least.

  • Bowlers lvl2 under lvl5 rage = 70 * 2.7 = 189 dmg
  • Bowler lvl3 under lvl5 rage = 80 * 2.7 = 216 dmg
  • Bowler lvl4 under lvl5 rage = 90 * 2.7 = 243 dmg

In this case th10 troops are 75% as strong as th12! Where is the sense of progression here?

  • Bowler lvl3 under lvl6 rage = 80 * 2.9 = 232 dmg
  • Bowler lvl4 under lvl7 rage = 90 * 3.2 = 288 dmg

At least here, we see th12 troops being more than 50% stronger than th10 troops, I’m not even comparing one th above or below, this is 2 town halls difference! For me, I would want to see a 2x increase every single town hall, but at least fixing rage spell would be a good first step in the right direction

People were complaining that there was only one book in this clan games, but I was glad that there was 3 builder potions. That’s 135 hours which is about 5.5 days saved. I could clear 54 hours worth of heroes like that, not even considering that there was a book of heroes in this games.

BK going to lvl17 already, with my 3rd barracks upgrading to lvl9. Barracks used to take months to upgrade, at least now it has been reduced massively. Even then, I spent almost the entire TH10 having only 3 working barracks

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